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Begin your professional career underwater

Take the PADI Divemaster Course and do what you love to do as a career. The Divemaster Course is PADI’s first professional level and, once qualified, will allow you to work as a training assistant on diving courses, supervise certified divers during fun dives and conduct some PADI programs independently.

Under the watchful eye of one of our Umbi instructors, you will develop your dive leadership skills and learn to supervise diving activities whilst enjoying the beautiful dive sites of Sharm el Sheikh. 

The in-water skills can safely and easily be taught in the calm Red Sea waters of our house reef.  You will complete five rescue training dives, up to a maximum depth of 30 meters, which will include open-water rescue scenarios.

The PADI Divemaster Course is divided into three modules:


These will be assessed as follows:

  • Timed swim test
  • Tired diver tow for a set distance
  • Tread water for 15 minutes
  • Rescue skills to establish your ability to deal with stress induced problems
  • Perfecting your dive skills
  • A minimum score must be reached to pass the course


Various topics will be covered both in the classroom and through independent study. These include topics such as supervision of students in water, diving physics, physiology, equipment and the recreational dive planner. You will complete written multiple choice exams on each of these subjects where a minimum score must be achieved.


You will take part in several confined and open water diver training sessions as well as assist in further education courses. Most of these will be conducted on our house reef in the Red Sea. You will shadow a qualified instructor or Divemaster on one of our boats learning how to guide and supervise divers in the water. The objective is to develop an awareness of typical student problems and learn how to supervise and control divers.

PADI E-Learning

If you wish to participate in the two week course then we recommend that you do the studying required before you arrive. This involves reading the PADI Divemaster manual and completing the knowledge reviews and workbook, with the aid of the diving encyclopaedia. Alternatively you can register for the PADI eLearning Course and do it all on-line. We would also recommend that you practice your dive skills before you arrive.

Duration & Prerequisites

Although it is possible to complete the PADI Divemaster Course within two weeks we recommend that if you intend working in the dive industry that you complete the four week course to gain as much experience as possible.

It is mandatory for all Divemaster students to have a full medical with a doctor prior to beginning the course and all student divers must complete the PADI Divers Medical Questionnaire and Medical Statement prior to starting any course. If a student has any of the medical conditions that are listed then signed clearance from a doctor experienced in diving medicine must be provided on check-in, this can also be arranged locally with the doctors at the hyperbaric chamber.

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