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Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

Create unforgettable moments in a breathtaking setting

Unwind in Style

Traditional Bedouin hospitality meets modern comfort

Nestled on the pristine shores of the Red Sea, Sharks Bay is a true oasis of peace and beauty. Its serene atmosphere and captivating charm transport you to a world where time slows down and worries melt away.

Our pristine house-reef is a magical underwater world of abundant corals, shimmering fish, and fascinating marine life. Whether you’re lounging by the beach, or savoring a delicious meal in our seafood restaurant, you’ll feel the peace and beauty of the place enveloping you. 

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A place where you can truly unwind, let go of stress, and reconnect with nature and yourself.

Umbi Sharks Bay has its own dive center, jetty, water sports, liveaboards, and activities for divers and non-divers.  There are several places for you to relax, eat and drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

With our friendly and helpful staff you really will “come as a guest but leave as a friend“.

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As you wander through the resort, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning architecture of the place that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the region. The soft colors of the buildings blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and serene environment that is both calming and uplifting. Our deep-rooted connections to the Bedouin culture allow us to offer unique experiences that immerse you in the rich traditions of this extraordinary culture. You can spend a fascinating time learning about their history and way of life, and perhaps even indulge in a cup of traditional Bedouin tea while gazing at the starry night sky.

UMBI Accomodations

Where Comfort Meets Tradition

Cliffside rooms with direct sea views

Rustic wooden cabins located directly on the beach

Make your stay memorable with

Our Premium amenities

Discover the wonders of the Red Sea with our onsite dive center, led by our experienced team headed by Hosna Umbi. Enjoy daily dives, courses, and snorkeling at our beautiful house reef, or join us on one of our diving safaris.

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of our Bedouin Tent, where you can unwind and enjoy the stunning views of Tiran Island while smoking our special shisha and drinking a good Coffee, Bedouin Tea, or cold drink.

Experience the finest seafood cuisine in town at our Seaview restaurant. Our talented chefs prepare dishes with the freshest ingredients, while you take in the stunning views of the Red Sea. Join us for a memorable culinary journey.


Private Jetty

Embark on your boat adventure directly from the hotel

Our private jetty is one of the hidden gems of our resort, offering the ultimate in convenience and exclusivity. Located just steps away from the dive center, our jetty provides direct access to the bay, meaning no long transfers or crowded harbors. As a result, our guests can be the first to set sail for their daily dive trips or liveaboards, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

From the moment you set foot in Umbi Sharks Bay, you’ll feel the magic of this special place. It’s a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and discover a world of tranquility and wonder. Come and experience the enchantment of Umbi Sharks Bay for yourself, and discover the ultimate retreat for mind, body, and soul.

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