Daily Diving in the Red Sea

Beautiful coral reefs teeming with fish life

Your typical Red Sea diving day starts around 08:00 with a stroll along the beach from our dive centre to jetty. A really easy start to your Red Sea diving holiday! Our daily diving boats leave from the jetty just 70m from our PADI 5* Dive Resort.  Consequently our divers and snorkelers do not need to worry about lengthy transfers to join one of the Freedom Fleet. Furthermore, as we own the jetty, our boats are usually the first to get away. Then at the end of the day it is just a short walk back to the Bedouin tent where you can relax with a drink!

On your journey to some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea our guide will brief you about the day and various safety procedures. After the first dive a delicious hot buffet lunch is provided on board. Afterwards you will generally move to a second dive site for the afternoon dive. Occasionally the plan may alter due to weather conditions or at diver’s requests. Finally the daily diving boats arrive back at the jetty between 16:00 – 17:00.

Our standard 5 day, daily Red Sea diving package is for 2 dives a day at a variety of sites within the National Park. This includes the world famous dive sites of Ras Mohammed and the Straits of Tiran. In the summer we arrange special daily diving trips 16:00 to try and spot the elusive hammerhead sharks at the back of Jackson Reef in Tiran.


Not Dived in a While?

Has it been a while since you last went scuba diving? Are your skills a little rusty? If so, we recommend for safety reasons, that you book either a Check Dive or Scuba Review. These dives are usually carried out on our fabulous and gentle house reef. Check dives and scuba reviews can be add onto your Red Sea diving holiday package.

For PADI Open Water Divers, or equivalent, we strongly recommend that you complete the PADI Advanced Course. This will ensure that you get the best from your Red Sea diving holiday whilst advancing your diving skills. We cannot guarantee that PADI Open Water divers will be able to dive some of the more difficult dive sites without paying booking a private guide.

Shore diving, Sharks Bay Umbi, Red Sea diving Sharm
RIB or Zodiac diving Red Sea diving Sharm, photo by Bob Allen
Night diving Red Sea diving Sharm

Shore Dives

Our beautiful house reef is the perfect choice for people who don’t always want to commit to a full day on the boat but still want to enjoy their Red Sea diving. Dives can be arranged to fit in with your other plans and commitments or to leave you time to relax with family and friends.

With plenty to see, our house reef is a great place for underwater photography and snorkelers as well as for people who want to learn to dive or increase their diving knowledge with one of the PADI diving courses.

RIB Dives

We offer fast and exciting single dives from our RIB / Zodiac. Departing from our jetty in front of the dive centre, our RIB can get you to Tiran in just 20 minutes. Perfect in the summer for an early morning dive to the back of Jackson Reef to spot the elusive school of hammerheads or to dive the wreck of the Million Hope in the Straits of Tiran. Our RIB can be hired for private charters for diving, snorkelling and cruises. For your comfort and safety, we do require that all divers complete at least one day of regular boat diving with us before joining a speedboat trip.

Night Dives

Why not experience the Sharks Bay Umbi house reef at night and watch a whole new world of Red Sea diving come to life under the glow of your torch beam. Everything changes as day time creatures retire and the nocturnal ones wake up. If you have never dived at night before we would recommend that you complete a night dive as part of the PADI Advanced Course or maybe the PADI Night Diver Specialty course.

Red Sea diving – Wrecks

Many of the most popular Red Sea wrecks can easily be reached on a daily diving trip from Sharks Bay Umbi. Every Wednesday we have a scheduled departure to the world famous World War II shipwreck SS Thistlegorm and we run regular trips to the steamship SS Dunraven, popular for both its interesting history and teeming marine life. Other wrecks such as the Rosalie Muller, Carnatic and Giannis D can be dived from one of our Freedom liveaboard boats.

Wreck dives Red Sea diving Sharm
Wreck dives Red Sea diving Sharm
Wreck dives Red Sea diving Sharm


Arguably the most famous Red Sea wreck, if not the world, SS Thistlegorm was a Merchant Navy cargo ship built in 1940 and sunk on 6 October 1941. Moored waiting to sail along the Suez Canal she was spotted by a German bomber who dropped his bombs and sank her with the loss of nine lives. The cargo she was carrying included Bedford trucks, armoured vehicles, motorcycles, Bren guns, cases of ammunition, aircraft parts and two steam locomotives.

Discovered in 1959 by Jacques Cousteau, the Thistlegorm was not dived much until the early ’90s when the Red Sea and Sharm el Sheikh in particular become a popular Red Sea diving destination. The ultimate dive for wreck enthusiasts it is also a beautiful dive attracting schools of barracuda, giant tuna and snapper.

Million Hope

The largest of the Red Sea wrecks, this Japanese cargo carrier is over 170m in length and was launched on 10 June 1972.  Leaving Aqaba on 19 June 1996 and heading to Taiwan with a cargo of chemical nutrients to produce fertiliser, she hit the reef in Nabq, just north of Sharm el Sheikh. At the stern the huge single propeller lies at around 24m. Not normally dived within a dive package due to its location, we are one of the few centres able to offer RIB dives to this amazing and little known wreck near the Straits of Tiran, Red Sea.


Located at the southern edge of the Ras Mohammed National Park, SS Dunraven was a steam ship launched in 1873. Returning from India in 1876 loaded with spices, cotton and muslin she struck the reef and sunk into 25m of water. Known to the local Sharm el Sheikh fisherman for generations she was re-discovered in 1977 by a German oil company. Lying upside down on the reef, the wreck is largely broken up with three large holes in the hull which allow divers to penetrate the wreck. An abundance of reef fish are to be found including glassfish, crocodilefish, groupers and scorpionfish. This wreck is often dived in conjunction with the dive sites of Ras Mohammed National Park and is one of the most beautiful Red Sea wrecks to dive.

Other Red Sea Wrecks

With our Freedom Fleet of liveaboards you are able to extend your Red Sea diving adventure to include the other famous Red Sea wrecks, such as Giannis D, Carnatic and Rosalie Moller, which our daily boats cannot reach.

What your Red Sea diving package with Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village includes

  • 2 boat dives per day
  • Dive guide per group with extensive knowledge of the area
  • Tanks (12 ltr air), weights and weight belt
  • Nitrox (12 ltr) is free of charge when pre-booked

Any supplements are payable in addition to one day of your daily dive package (please check our prices for full details and our T&C to see what is and what is not included). Please remember to bring your passport with you to the dive centre on your first diving day and if you wish to dive in Ras Mohamed remember to purchase the FULL VISA on arrival at the airport (before you pass through customs) which costs US$ 25.


5 Great Reasons to Book Sharks Bay Umbi

+ No long transfers
+ Everything together on one site
+ Friendly and helpful staff
+ Unique in the area
+ Away from mainstream tourism

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