UK flight information – update 01/04/2016

We know that our friends are having difficulty travelling to see us right now but there are still many alternative ways to reach us although by a slightly longer route! You can find the links to the airlines that are currently flying into Sharm el Sheikh on our flight information page and these companies have some fantastic deals right now and generally the transit times are very good. The latest information we have on flights direct from the UK is as follows:

Monarch update 30/03/2016
No flights up to and including 30/10/2016

Thomson update 29/03/2016
No flights up to and including 30/09/2016

Thomas Cook update 03/03/2015

No flights up to and including 31/10/2016

easyJet update 16/03/2015
No flights up to and including 04/11/2016

British Airways update 26/01/2015
No flights up to and including 30/06/2016

Turkish Airlines update 30/03/2015
No flights up to and including 30/10/2016

The actual date for the UK companies to resume their flights will be decided on once the FCO review their travel advice.

It is very easy to take a flight anywhere in Europe and simply transfer via Cairo, Istanbul or Milan and some European airlines are still flying direct. We hope this flight information helps to keep you updated and if you can find a flight then you can also take advantage of our very special diving deals which are on offer from 15th March until 1st June.

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